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CompuProp specializes in maximizing your boat's performance by eliminating propeller vibrations, increasing fuel efficiency, and making the blade shapes more efficient. We have the capability of repairing almost all damaged propellers; it's rare that we can’t.


All repairs are done here at CompuProp. If your propeller is not repairable, we can usually get a new replacement within a week, which includes a FREE tune up to guarantee your new propeller will run smoothly.

Propeller repairs

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We use Prop Scan equipment to evaluate propeller blade shape and pitches. We tune all of our propellers to either a Class S (inboards), or Class I (outboards and sterndrives) ISO 484/2 standards. Have a trip coming up and a damaged propeller? We’ll do whatever it takes to accommodate your schedule.


We also have a wide variety of hubs in stock, so if your sterndrive, solas rubex, or aluminum propellers broken we can replace, same day if need be. We also stock shaft nuts, keys, and cotter pins for up to 2.5-inch shafts.

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